WISE - Women Initiative for Security and Equity


About The WISE Program

“Women Initiative for Security and Equity’’ (WISE) program is supported by the United States Department of State and implemented in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia by the Mercy Corps Georgia.


Program Objectives

The aim of the program is to support women-led and women-serving CSOs to improve understanding of the intersectional drivers, ecosystem, and influences of violence (GBV and violent extremism) in their communities, countries, and regions. WISE’s emphasis on partnership and collaboration between women-led and women-serving CSOs and activists across the region paves the way for longer-term gains in women’s rights and representation.

Strengthen the skills and knowledge of key women leaders working on governance and peace and security issues (e.g. human rights defenders, good governance Gender Focal Points, and mediators) and provide opportunities for women-led and women serving CSOs to address the linkages between GBV and VE.


Target Area

Program Geographically covers three countries located in South Caucasus - Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Undertaken activities in selected countries are implemented by the counterpart organizations: SAPARI in Georgia, Impact Innovations Institute's Initiatives Foundation (IMINI) in Armenia and Women’s Association for Rational Development (WARD) in Azerbaijan.


Program Dates

From 30th of September 2022 to 30th of September 2025


Target Group

Program Target Audience:

  • Women-led and women-centered CSOs and active civilians in the three target countries of South Caucasus region active in issues around gender equality, women’s participation, GBV, human rights, and violent extremism.
  • Women, adolescent girls, and other individuals at risk of GBV in the three countries,


  • 500 girls and 39,500 women in Armenia (all regions)
  • 500 girls and 39,500 women in Georgia (Akhaltsikhe municipality, Samtskhe-Javakheti region, and Tbilisi as a primary target and all other regions)
  • 500 girls and 9,500 women in Azerbaijan (all regions)
  • Men, boys, women, and girls living in the countries benefiting from multi-disciplinary media campaigns


Primary Constituents are women and girls of all ages, both urban and rural, who will benefit from the program activities; women and men, who are working on initiatives to address GBV, VE, and promote gender equality; Women-centered CSOs. In total 40,000 beneficiaries in Georgia, 40,000 beneficiaries in Armenia and 10,000 beneficiaries in Azerbaijan.

Secondary constituencies are central and local governments; community members from all urban and rural communities in three target countries, both women and men. In total 70,000 people.


Program Expected Impact

Expected Impact and aim of the program is to support prevention of the gender-based violence in the target countries, to rise understanding of GBV and to support strengthening of the CSO’s working on the topic of gender equality and develop their abilities.